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Input! Input!

alefnull a posted Sep 20, 12
so, now that there are actually a few of you signed up here and browsing around...

is this even a worthwhile idea?
would you continue to use this place and it's forums & other features?
would you attempt to get others to use this place?
what should i add?
what should i remove?
what should i change?

i need some input. i thought the forums, when we had them, was a good idea.. but it died out after a short time. i don't want that to happen here. if people start to come here and use it, i want that to continue.

comments? suggestions? questions?
alefnull a indeed to all of that. it's unfortunate, because i really want to have something like this being used like a real/regula ...
AeonicVortex And apparently I can't edit my own message, its also good for planning events! Like at least some of the Quake nights.
AeonicVortex I don't think this place costs anything (or much), so I don't see the harm in keeping it around anyway. I don't see it ...

Welcome to TheSpawn!

alefnull a posted Sep 19, 12
hey everybody, alefnull here.

i decided to create this space, mainly for those of us who play Quake Live to easily organize our matches, and for anyone who, like me, would like to start taking things a bit more seriously and potentially organize ourselves into an actual clan that could compete in tournaments together.

however, this is NOT just for the Quake Live players. this space is for anybody and everybody from TheSpawn to join and can be used as a place to organize other matches/events for any of the multitude of other games that people play together at TheSpawn. :)

go ahead, poke around, sign up for an account, post in the forums... utilize this area however you feel it would be best utilized for you and your events.

if you have any questions, suggestions, comments, etc., feel free to send me a message, or find me on our IRC channel and ask me there.

enjoy :)
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